Tuesday, April 12, 2011

OneClickETL release 0.4.0

New release of OneClickETL script 0.4.0 supports generation of SCD Type 2 mapping and now it is possible to specify join condition for Joiner operator (for multi source tables) and also you can add Filter operator to source table. Download new release of script (OneClickETL-0.4.0.tcl) here.

For generation SCD Type 2 mapping  set mapping type to SCD2. There are new target column roles - SurrogateId, EffectiveDate and ExpiryDate. Also for sucessfull generation of SCD2 mapping you need to specify name of loading date parameter (used for extracting actual rows from target table for comparing against data from source system) and for each target table (from SCD2 mapping) - sequence object which will be used for populating surrogate identifier column - for this task add new row of type TABLE to target warehouse worksheet. Of course sequence object must be created (or imported) in OWB project.

For specification filtering condition on source table and Joiner operator condition use FilterCondition and JoinCondition accordingly.

For examples for using of these new feature use OneClickETL-0.4.0.xls file from OneClickETL download section of OWBLand Sourceforge project (for SCD2 mapping type look at DWH and Map_5 Excel worksheets, for FilterCondition/JoinCondition parameters look Map_4 and Map5 worksheets). For experiments you can use OWB project ONECLICKETL-0.3.1.mdl

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